Add ons

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We have expanded our services to include add-ons, any or the following treatments can be added on to your dogs groom.

PAWDICURE £5.00 The fur around the pads is trimmed and the nails clipped. A soothing and moisturising balm is gently massaged onto the pads and left to absorb. It helps to heal dry/cracked pads that are very common in dogs that like water and mud! Be sure to check the condition of your dogs pads as it can be very painful for them if they are sore.

DE-SHEDDING £8.00 A specially designed shampoo is used to help loosen the dead hairs whilst in the bath. A High velocity dryer is then used to blast away the undercoat before special deciding tools are used (for up to an hour) to remove the last of the hair.

EAR CLEANING £5.00 A natural and ph balanced product is placed in the ear canal and massaged in, before a specially designed cotton bud gently removes wax and debris. It helps alleviate problems connected with ear mites, wax and infections within the ear.

TEAR STAIN REMOVAL £5.00 We have a special tear stain treatment that can be gently applied to reduce staining. It is very gentle and is most effective when used regularly.

TEETH CLEANING £5.00 Recommended by vets (and vastly cheaper). The plaque is gently scraped from the teeth to reveal the white enamel underneath. All the teeth are cleaned with disposable brushes and specialist canine toothpaste. A mouthwash is then applied that leaves the mouth clean and the breath minty fresh.

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