benefits of grooming

 The Benefits of Grooming

There are so many benefits to grooming your dog, and they are not just aesthetic. Despite what we have resolved to do for our dogs, In today’s society it is unrealistic to believe that we will all groom our dog every day, bath him once a week and clip his nails regularly. By taking him to see a professional groomer, he will undergo a full body inspection. His eyes, ears, mouth, bottom and skin can be checked for infection, rashes, parasites, wounds and any potential problem can be addressed before it becomes a serious issue.

A dogs coat can become matted very easily. If he loves to run around outside, in woods and open land, the fur can become knotted. This can be very uncomfortable for the dog as the mats tug on the skin. If he suffers from itchy skin or fleas then he will really appreciate a bath with medicated shampoo. The safe removal of dead hair and skin improves the look of the coat and the circulation to the skin, especially if they have a thick or long coat. The grooming process also increases the blood flow to the hair follicles and instigates the stimulation of the lymphatic system.

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