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My Ethos

The more that I learn about this industry, the more I realise that this is a groomers world. There are far more dogs out there that need grooming, than there are groomers that are willing to groom them. Most established grooming salons will pick and chose the dogs that they want to work on, the stereotype is usually small, well mannered dogs that are used to being groomed and don’t require much effort. But what about the other 60% who have nervous or aggressive dogs, dogs that usually have deeply matted coats as the owners can’t find a regular groomer? I would like to combine my grooming ability, with my interest in canine psychology to help dogs that are difficult to groom. Using a slow and steady approach, ensuring that the dog and owner are happy and comfortable, I hope to establish a trusting relationship that will help dogs and their grooming requirements.

Our location is ideal for creating a tranquil environment. There are no other houses to be seen for miles, we are away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and along with a calm demeanour, dogs absolutely love it here. Dogs pick up on stress very easily, and are very much in tune with their owners’ emotions. Unfortunately, the grooming table can look scarily familiar to that of a vets table, where many dogs have had unpleasant experiences. If their coats are matted then it can hurt them whilst I try to untangle or clip away the fur – they don’t realise that you are doing something to help them. But the more that they are groomed, the easier it becomes for everyone. It can be a very long process: I have seen a dog that to start with wouldn’t even get out of the car, but bit by bit, month by month, he will now stand happily on the grooming table to be clipped, and enjoys our game of fetch outside afterwards.